1. I guess I could have Yuma be engaged to Kaito as his emotionally abusive bitchy boyfriend and then Yuma meets Astral the lonely alien and they fall in love but Kaito hates him and then Yuma and Astral run away and have sex in a random car (seriously wtf was up with that in the actual movie) and then Yuma’s like “WHEN THE SHIP DOCKS, I’M GETTING OFF WITH YOU AND WE’RE GOING TO ASTRAL WORLD” and then Astral’s like “THIS IS CRAZY” and then they kiss and while they’re kissing the ship hits the fan (TEE HEE) and starts sinking and then Kaito and Astral try to get Yuma to safety but Yuma’s like “NOOOOO” and jumps off the lifeboat and Astral’s like “YOU’RE SO STUPID, YUMA” and then Kaito tries to kill them and then gets Astral in trouble for stealing Yuma’s key and so they lock him up somewhere and Astral’s like “OH SHIT” cause the ship is sinking but Yuma saves him with his axe-yielding abilities and they escape together BUT WAIT the ship is still sinking so they climb to the top and it breaks in half and starts to sink and Yuma’s like “OH, ASTRAL, THIS IS WHERE WE FIRST MET” and Astral’s like “YEP” and then the ship sinks for realz and they’re stuck in the icy water so Astral saves Yuma by letting him float around on a board and they hold hands and then Astral dies and YUma’s like “I’LL NEVER LET GO, ASTRAL” so he lets go and Astral sinks to the bottom and YUma gets rescued THE END.

    1. suritea said: beautiful~ you should write it xD
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