1. I love how in the beginning everybody was looking at this show like “LOL DERP YUGIOH FOR KIDS IN SPACE AND SHIT THAT SHOW’S GONNA SUCK” but now we’re all like “OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW I LOVE IIIIITTTTTT”.

    In my honest opinion, I think Zexal is the best Yugioh. Please don’t hate me for that. The original was great, of course, but I think this one definitely has the best plot. It’s not as…predictable, I guess? I think it was kinda obvious how the original was going to end, which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. But I love that with Zexal you really don’t know. Like, how is this all going to fit together in the end? Is Astral good? Is he bad? What do the numbers have to do with Yuma? Etc, etc, etc.

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      OMG my response was longwinded and didn’t at all address paralleling Zexal and Duel Monsters like you were saying and I...
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      The latest episode is proof of that. Especially since they skipped the beginning of Shark and Yuma’s duel and only took...
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